How to Register and Add an Event to this web site.


It explains how to register and then how to enter event details.

Step 1) Register – All event organisers are required to register before they can add events to this site. Registration takes less than 5 minutes. To start the registration process you will need to provide a username and email and enter your Organisation’s name.  It is essential that you enter an organisation name (which will show on your event listing) to distinguish you from the general public who will not be allowed to create events.

Important: Each organisation should register once only and use the resulting ID to enter and edit all of your organisation’s events.

If possible we recommend that you use an organisation email as opposed to a personal email address, if your organisation has one.

Register with National Astronomy Week

When you register an email will be sent to you which will contain your login details. Please keep this email in a safe place.

Queries:  If you need help or have any queries please contact us or call 01323 832731.  After registering, if you haven’t heard back within 48 hours, it may be we have mistaken you for a spammer or member of the general public.  Please then send us an email, stating your user name and identifying your organisation.

Step 2) Login using your user name and the password provided in the email. You will then be directed to your profile page.  Please fill in the following information:-

  • Telephone
  • Society Information – ensure your organisation name is correct, and add some information to help us identify you.
  • Your organisation’s web site address (if you have one.)  This will be displayed, with the organisation name, on each of your event pages.

Step 3) Authentication – Before you can add an event you must first be verified by a member of our team. Please note this process may take up to 48 hours.

Step 4) As soon as you have been verified you will receive an email to confirm this and you will then be able to start adding events.

Adding an Event

We assume you have already planned your event, at least in outline.  You can always edit your listing later if you change your plans. Please consider adding a star count to your programme!

1) Login in to National Astronomy Week

2) Move your mouse over the ‘Events’ link located in the menu on the left of the page.

Add Event

3) Click on the Add Events option.

Event Help 2

4) Enter your event information


Event title:
This should briefly describe your event and summarise briefly what it will offer in a way that will create interest.  It will be displayed on the events page and on searches.
Featured Image:
If you specify a featured image it is placed at the top of the event page. Use it to include your organisation’s banner or logo.  Be careful!  It is always in the centre with no text around it.  We suggest the image size is 700 pixels wide by around 100 pixels or so high (or whatever you find works for you.)
Cost and booking details: It is up to the event organiser to decide what to charge (if anything) and how bookings will be handled, should this be necessary.  You should enter these details into your event description.
Contact details: If you want to give a contact name, phone number and/or email address you are welcome to do so in the description. This information is not added by default, in case it is not wanted or needed.  Note that your website is shown (if entered) which will give people one way to find you.

5) Decide if you want people to be able to comment on this event.


Note: You can use comments to allow people to ask you questions. You will be notified if someone posts a comment, and can then reply.  Like almost all items on your event page, you can change this setting later if you want.

6) Preview and Publish your event.


Note: Please read and check your event details very carefully before you publish.  It is of course easy for you to log back in and change your event text, photos or almost any of the settings at a later time if you wish,  so you can adapt and improve your event listing as time progresses.  Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you need assistance.